Hello Kitty Steamed Buns are a Real Thing at this Japanese Convenience Store

Hello Kitty is one of the busiest felines in the food business. In recent memory, we’ve seen Hello Kitty impersonate a pancake maker, an ice cream maker, an ice cream parfait, Nutella and even take shape as an entire restaurant. Today, we introduce Hello Kitty as a steamed bun.

The new product makes is being introduced in Japanese convenience store Circle K Sunkus (owned by the same folks who also own the Circle K brand in America). The meat-filled Hello Kitty steamed bun will be available starting October 16th, apparently followed by another HEllo Kitty themed bun that is being described as a “completely different look and flavor” on November 6th.

According to sources, the convenience store chain has already successfully promoted themed steamed buns in the past. Earlier this January, the chain supposedly sold out of 400,000 custard flavored Hello Kitty steamed buns in just under a week.

[via RocketNews24]

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