Los Angeles BBQ Company Is Serving Up WHOLE Alligators

When you think of barbecued alligators, your mind probably takes you to the Southern U.S., where consuming gator is more common. They've got it in all kinds like gator nuggets, gator sausages, and even a savory alligator cheesecake, after all.

What you may not expect, though, is that one of the country's alligator spectacles is coming from Los Angeles, where Black Sugar Rib Company is serving them up barbecued whole.


It's become one of the most eye-opening displays at Smorgasburg, a seasonal, weekly food festival in Los Angeles that Black Sugar participates in. According to Black Sugar BBQ's Arnold Rodriguez, they do one approximately every 4-6 weeks while Smorgasburg is running.

You can also find Black Sugar's gators at several other events. In the past year, they've been found at local NFL playoff games and country music festivals, Rodrgiuez told Foodbeast.


For those who want to try it, Rodriguez gives away the alligator to anyone who buys one of Black Sugar's regular BBQ items. It's his way of giving back to the community that's made his company grow to be a success, but also gives them something extraordinary to talk about. SoCal also gets a chance to try alligator through his efforts, as you'd be hard pressed to find someone else in the region serving up whole barbecued gators.

Black Sugar is also willing to make their gators for private events, although it comes at a hefty price since the alligators themselves are expensive. You can get in contact with them directly if interested.