How To Quickly Ripen An Avocado In A Pinch

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If you’re looking to ripen your avocado because of a guacamole emergency (yeah, we have those, they exist!) then there is a way indeed. We’re telling you what it is right now.

It can be so frustrating when you discover that your main ingredient for guacamole is still rock hard and you want to make something of it, but you’ll have to wait, who knows how long? Let go of the longing and the trying to be patient, because there is a way around it. You can ripen your avocado quicker and then make whatever you want with it.

I really love these kitchen hacks that sometimes allow me to show off with company or when I’m cooking with a loved one. Sure, it’s not just an ego thing, I just like to understand how things work. And this following hack is definitely one of my favorites. Especially since I don’t always find prime, ripe avocados at the supermarket.

First, how do you know it’s not ripe?


Grab the fruit and check out its consistency. If it’s a little bit soft, but not squishy, then it should be perfect. Squeeze it gently. It should yield to a little bit of pressure. Also, if you have more options in the store, go for the ones that have dark green to brown skin. But not all avocado types turn brown, so be mindful of that.

Ripen Your Avocado If You’re in a Pinch: Here’s How
Touching the avocado is the simplest way to find out if it is ripe or not.

Another way to tell if your avocado is ripe is to tug on its stem, gently. If it falls off easily and is brown, then your avocado is ripe. If not, well then, it’s high time to ripen it.

If you have one or two days, then you could live it on the windowsill, in sunlight. But this trick also depends on the weather, so let’s move on.

Ripen your avocado: how?


It’s all about chemistry, you see. If your avocado needs to mature a bit (or a lot), then there is one way to do it: place the fruit in a brown paper bag, close it, and then store it at room temperature. You can also use a newspaper to wrap them in if you have no paper bags on hand.

If you’re in even more of a hurry, then add more ripe fruit to the bag or newspaper, like a banana, an apple, or a tomato. Because they’re ripe, they produce this ethylene gas that triggers ripening in mature fruit. So, trapping the gas in the bag helps ripen whatever else you might want to ripen. This might happen overnight, so make sure to check.

What if you want to do the opposite, though, and slow down the process of maturing of the fruit? Just place the avocados in the refrigerator, because this will help them keep a little bit longer and buy you some time until you find a suitable use for them.

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